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Misset International Webinar Week

This year turned out to be different than we expected. For example no EuroTier in 2020 so we came up with a great alternative! The Misset International Webinar Week. From 16 until 20 November 2020, we will organise different kind of webinars, with specific themes and topics. A good opportunity to stay informed about relevant topics!

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All About Feed presents:

Mycotoxin management

17 November | 11:00 CET

About this webinar

Mycotoxins are causing severe economic losses worldwide and are a serious risk for the health of all livestock. Mycotoxin management, therefore, has the utmost priority for animal producers. Managing mycotoxins is becoming increasingly advanced as detection techniques become more sensitive and specific new tools enter the market to detect toxins at an early stage. Focus areas of our speakers are different strategies for mycotoxin elimination, mycotoxin detection methods, the effects of mycotoxin in feed on animal health and mycotoxin awareness.

This webinar is made possible by:

Mycotoxin management

The experts

Marieke Ploegmakers,
Host and editor All About Feed

Julia Laurain, 
For Feed Product Specialist at Olmix

"From in vitro to in vivo : key criteria to select the most effective toxin binder"

  • Key criteria to evaluate the efficacy of the products

Dr. Clarisse Techer
Research Innovation Development manager at Mixscience

The entire Misset International Webinar Week is made possible by:

Regiane Santos, DVM, PhD
Researcher at Schothorst Feed Research

"Testing toxin binders with in vivo references models : animals don’t lie!"

  • Evaluating toxin binders with in vivo versus in vitro models
  • Results obtained with MT.X+ in swine and poultry with in vivo model

"Mycotoxins and farm animals: the realistic exposure levels"

  • Routine and occasional mycotoxin exposure
  • Mixtures of mycotoxins
  • Other dietary factors interacting with mycotoxins